An exceptional site!

Thanks to its highly developed processing equipment and its exceptional mineral deposits, “Unigranulats” company has always assumed to meet the needs of its customers on time. Equipped with fully automated production mechanisms, managed by computer, our distributing system has always provided quality supplies even to the most demanding customers.
Due to its high purity limestone deposits, very rich in calcium carbonate and magnesium, the aggregates obtained are useful to various industries.

Tough and Powerful means… More Efficiency, Performance, Productivity and Effectiveness

Aggregates manufacturing is carried out by high technology processing equipment, entirely automated and managed by computer.
In order to meet the quality standards required in the aggregates production sector, our Enterprise is equipped with advanced, high-performance and powerful equipment, ensuring thereby Respect and Efficiency of its Production and Distribution.

Respecting the Environment

« Concerned with Preservation of the Environment, Unigranulats contributes, by sustainable and innovative solutions, to the complete recycling of its water and a significant reduction of dust emissions.
As obtaining the environmental charter of careers industry and ISO 14001 are one of our most important objectives, we have managed to plant 100.000 trees all around the site, contributing this way in the major improvement of the climate around the site ».

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